Yayasan Geutanyoe

About Us

The Geutanyoe Foundation (Yayasan Geutanyoe) is a non-profitorganization based in Aceh, Indonesia. We are dedicated to cultivating and upholding values of dignity, humanity, equality, justice, peace, democracy, and sustainability in Southeast Asia.

We also seek to harness local and global knowledge to find sustainable and durable solutions to some of the regional’s most intractable humanitarian and social challenges. Partnership with government and international organizations, we are committing to support national, regional and global agenda to promote peace and humanitarian value in ASEAN.

" Geutanyoe Foundation fights for the sustainable communities in the ASEAN region founded on dignity, humanity, equality, ensuring peace and justice for all with democracy, human rights, and prosperity "


Promote peace and justice in the region with the spirit of human right, anti-colonialism, and following the ASEAN Charter spirit as a core foundation of the region organization
Protect vulnerable groups, including disaster- and conflict-affected communities, refugees, migrants, and victims of trafficking, vulnerable and marginalized groups, including children, women, ethnic and religious minorities, and isolated communities following the international convention 1951 on refugee and protocol 1967
Support and promote transitional justice agenda for post-conflict areas, encompasses the truth-seeking process, prosecution initiative, reparation program, and institutional reform to ensure that it will not happen again in the coming time
Promote an anti-corruption, accountability, transparent, good, and clean government in any level across the region
Support global agenda on combating climate change, zero carbon emission, sustainable cities and communities with following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, Paris Agreement, United Nation Framework on Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC), ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Blueprint 2025, ASEAN Sustainable Urbanization Strategy (ASUS), and other relevant global agenda
Promote green and circular economic initiative utilizing information and digital technology (big data and artificial intelligence) for the equal prosperity for all
Promote decent work and sustainable livelihood for vulnerable groups, especially youth, women, refugees, etc
Increase human resource capacity and skill through educational program fits to the labor market demand and innovative action in the future
Provide humanitarian assistance and response for the disaster impacted community and area, as well as health and mental recovery, especially for women and children
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