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Their Strories: Mohamudul Hasson

Dear Friends,

We share with you this moving essay by Mohd. Hasson, a young refugee in the Kuala Langsa camp, who dreams of becoming a doctor. Yayasan Geutanyoe is seeking support to continue providing individualised English lessons to Hasson so that he can achieve his dream.

“I am Mohamudul Hasson. I am 17 years old. My father’s name is Roshid Ahmmed. My mother’s name is Somura Khatun. We are two brother and three sisters. My whole family lives at the Bangladesh Rohingya Refugee camp in block P.

Doctors are very important in this world. Doctors are so important for sick persons. A doctor must work so hard.

I want to be a doctor because when I was small in my village there were some people who were so sick and at that time in my village there were no doctors. After one month my mother become sick too. My father was looking for a doctor but the doctor was so far from my village. At that time so people died because there was no doctor. Thankfully, my mother became well. At that time I was in class three. My mother and father told me about doctors and I promised my mother and father that I will become a doctor. They also requested me to study hard. I studied hard and when I was in class six my teacher asked me “what do you want to be?” I answered to my teacher “I want to be a doctor.” My teacher told me “you must know about your body.” I saw that doctors are so important in this world.”

Mohamadul Hasson
Kuala Langsa, Aceh
January 2016

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