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Strengthening The Coordination And Humanitarian Action For Refugees

Various humanitarian actions have been devoted to helping the Rohingya refugees while stranded in the coastal waters of Aceh, starting from efforts to find, rescue and evacuate, landing and sheltering them on the mainland of Aceh province. These humanitarian actions have been carried out directly by, both from authorized government agencies, as well as the roles carried out by community/customary institutions, as well as by the community directly in dealing with Rohingya Ethnic refugees.
Each of the institutions mentioned above, apart from having carried out their own specific roles, they also carried out various actions together. Meanwhile, international institutions and non-governmental organizations play a greater role after the landing stage until the refugee camp takes place. For the discovery and rescue and evacuation stages, they play more of a role in the advocacy aspect and support for emergency assistance if needed and with the approval of the competent government agency.
In order to ensure that every line of humanitarian-based services for refugees is handled properly and effectively, efforts are needed to continue to strengthen the coordination system between interested parties, and a better monitoring system to ensure humanitarian work is carried out by various parties. it’s right on target. In essence, humanitarian action in providing refugee services, aside from responding to the needs of the refugees themselves and their conformity with humanitarian principles and goals.
This activity aims to strengthen the coordination system between the parties and a good monitoring system in humanitarian action in handling refugees.
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