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Tareq is a 25 year old Palestinian refugee from Gaza who suffers from Crohn’s disease. He left Gaza because the hospitals said that they can’t operate him in Gaza because of the lack of medical advanced surgery equipment and the severe lack of medicine in the Gaza Strip.

Tareq’s mother is a housewife taking care of 8 children, and his father is a truck driver with no fixed job who has been employed and unemployed depending on the situation of the landports due to the blockage on export/import of goods in the Gaza Strip.

In mid-2016, Tareq left Gaza to seek medical treatment, with the support of his uncle. He arrived in Malaysia, one of the few countries in the world where Palestinians can enter visa-free for 30 days. He was granted a Special Pass which was extended four times, until it finally expired on 3 March 2017. Not wanting to breach immigration laws, Tareq requested our assistance to fly to Indonesia where Palestinian do not require a visa.

He boarded a plane to Banda Aceh on 3 March but unfortunately was denied entry and sent back to Kuala Lumpur because he could not communicate with the immigration as he only speaks Arabic. After a day at the KL airport, a flight was arranged for Tareq on 4 March to Cambodia, where he applied for a visa on arrival. He was denied entry and once again sent back to KL.

Tareq remained in limbo at the KL International Airport 2 terminal, not eating or sleeping, until we managed to secure assurance from the former President of Timor Leste H.E. Ramos Horta that he would help Tareq and facilitate his entry into Timor Leste, which is signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention. With the assistance of friends and volunteer networks in Malaysia and Singapore, we have now managed to book a flight for Tareq to leave KL for Singapore on 6 March 2017 and fly onwards to Dili, Timor Leste on 7 March 2017.

All this has been achieved through the hard work around the clock of many people who cared. But we still need your help. Flights have been paid in advance by personal funds, which we need to reimburse, and Tareq requires regular medication and visits to hospitals due his chronic medical condition. He also had to leave everything he owned in KL behind as he had to board the flights with no luggage so as not to pass immigration. In addition, we hope to support Tareq’s English classes, so that he can communicate more easily in his new host country.

We are appealing for USD3500 to fund Tareq’s plane ticket to Timor Leste, his medical treatment, clothes, daily expenses and English language classes
Flights: USD1000

Medical treatment: USD1000

Daily expenses: USD1000

English classes: USD500

Please help us help refugees by showing solidarity and support for Tareq.


Or with Bank Transfer:

Bank Account information for YAYASAN GEUTANYOË
Account number: 158–00–6667771–7
Bank address: JL. A. YANI NO. 20 KOTA LANGSA 24416
Bank phone: (0641) 21023 Fax: (0641) 21212

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