Yayasan Geutanyoe

Geutanyoe Foundation distributed the additional food support and others need for new stranded Rohingya refugees in Bireun

Geutanyoë Foundation in Emergency Services and Emergency Assistance to Rohingya refugees who have just arrived in Bireun Regency with a focus on vulnerable groups in the Cot Gapu Learning Activities Building (SKB) City Juang District Bireun Regency Providing Emergency
• Services to Rohingya Refugees who come to Indonesia, especially Aceh Province
• Providing emergency assistance to newly arrived Rohingya refugees in Bireun District with a focus on vulnerable groups
Location : Sangar Building for Learning Activities (SKB) Cot Gapu, Kotajuang District, Bireun Regency
Date      : Friday, October 20 2023

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