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184 Rohingya refugees were stranded in Matang Peulawi village, Peureulak sub-district, East Aceh

At least 184 Rohingya immigrants were stranded on the coast of Kuala Matang Peulawi, Peureulak District, East Aceh District, Aceh, Monday (27/3/2023).
Keucik Matang Peulawi, Fuadi confirmed that there were Rohingya immigrants who landed on the coast, they were dropped off by ship on Monday 27 March 2023 at around 04.00 WIB. However, the whereabouts of the ship are unknown and it is suspected that it was deliberately turned away to the coast of Matang Peulawi.
“The ship that took them is unknown and is suspected to have fled,” said Fuadi.
It was explained that the initial whereabouts of the refugees were known from the reports of several fishermen who had landed in the area. After that, the officers went straight to the location.
“Upon arriving at the location, it was found that there were hundreds of immigrants from Bangladesh. We immediately contacted the police for further treatment,” he said.
During interrogation, said Fuadi, they were purposely taken down by force from the ship they were on and then they swam to land, of the 184 Rohingya immigrants, 94 men, 70 women and 20 children.
“Currently they are being taken and secured to the Raudahatul Jannah Mosque complex in Gampong Matang Peulawi. Then data collection will be carried out,” he said.
Humanitarian coordinator of the Geutanyo Foundation, Nasruddin, said the arrival of the Rohingya refugees this time was a big question mark regarding the ship transporting immigrants from Bangladesh.
“This means that we suspect that the human trafficking network has thrived in Aceh, because this is the second time that refugees without boats have happened,” he said.
He said, we cannot close our eyes to humanitarian issues. However, legal issues related to allegations of human trafficking must be taken by the government to take firm steps immediately.
Meanwhile, the Head of the East Aceh Social Service, Ir Elfiandi, said that all the Rohingya ethnic groups would be relocated to Pidie. They were taken using a number of buses owned by the East Aceh Regency Government.
“The process of relocating the Rohingya ethnic group was facilitated by IOM and the parties and assisted by security forces from the TNI/Polri, Satpol PP, TKSK, PMI and TNI-AL as well as RAPI Volunteers,” said Elfiandi.
According to him, the relocation of the 184 ethnic Rohingya was in accordance with a joint agreement after obtaining approval from the Pidie District Government. This is because the area already has ethnic Rohingya who landed earlier in Pidie.
“The Pidie Regency Government also currently has proper shelter barracks and has met world refugee shelter standards. So, all ethnic Rohingya who have been temporarily housed in East Aceh since this morning will be relocated to Pidie tonight,” said Elfiandi

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